Montréal, a review.

My adventure to Montreal was great, but brief. This is all that I was able to explore during my time there.


I went with three others as a weekend getaway. To save money, we shared an airbnb. It very spacious, and was a quick UBER ride from the apartment to downtown Montreal. For the two nights we stayed, we each spent 50$ altogether.


  • On the first day, we ate a light breakfast at Espace Cafe. We all had a cappuccino, fruit salad, grilled cheese, and breakfast sandwiches that were able to fill us up until about lunch time. Average price we spent was about $7 USD each. Atmosphere was calming and friendly. Staff was helpful and friendly, quickly recognizing we were American.
  • For lunch, we went to Rue St, one of the hubs of downtown Montreal, with many people, both local and tourists, where there were a lot of places to explore. We went to Les 3 Brasseurs which was collectively out of the four of us, one of our favorite spots to eat and drink. They are considered a microbrewery, with only selling their craft beers on the entire menu. We each got:
    • The 150th Anniversary Rose Beer
    • The blonde
    • The the whit beer.

Each of them were delightful, and certainly were the focal point to our lunch. I was able to share a flatbread pizza that was more than enough, and my friends each got beet-battered french fries, and the signature pretzel. This place was a little pricier, but have good lunch specials if you go at the right time.

  • When we went out at night to the clubs, we ate at Pizza Pizza, very similar to Dominoes in my opinion, and was perfect for a snack before heading out to the strip of bars.

  • Dinner, we ventured to Isle de Garde, a more local spot, where it seemed as though we were the only tourists. They had many beer options, but the food menu is small. It is also entirely written in French, just as an advisory. Drink specials were good, but the food was a little pricey.


  • The first stop we made was at the Notre Dame Basilica, right in the heart of Montreal, in my opinion. The entry fee was $6, which came to a little bit of my surprise, but was worth it. Stick around to make sure you hear the organ guy play a little bit of music.
  • The Olympic Stadium is a little bit of a drive away from the downtown area of Montreal, and you will either need to UBER it, or drive yourself. Parking incurs a fee, but we were able to find free, street parking right across the street from the parking lot. There is surprisingly a lot to do, they have a observation deck, a Bio-dome (which I suggest), and a few more things you are able to walk around and see. Tip: If you go to the Bio-dome, DON’T WAIT IN LINE! You can easily buy your $18 ticket on your phone, and skip the massive amount of people waiting.
  • Montreal’s Observation Deck was simply amazing. If you don’t know what you want to do in Montreal, visit this first. It gives you a hand-selected list of things to do that you can print out based on your personal interests of preferences. Thins you may not find simply on Trip Adviser. Although it’s pricey, students do get a good discount, so make sure if you are a student, to bring your I.DImage result for olympic stadium montreal

Night Life

  • Jardins Gamelin was awesome. Perfect thing to go to before you hit the bars and clubs, if that’s what you plan on doing. They have nightly shows in the summer that light up the sky with awesome lighting, and good vibes, and best of all- it’s free.
  • Head over to St. Catherine Street for a huge walkway of well-over 50 places to hang out at. We went to Club Unity (which has a cover fee), and Complexe Sky, (which we liked the most, and was free). Complexe sky has well over three floors, with a small pool on the roof. Good vibes!
  • If there’s one thing I urge you to do in Montreal, it’s to go to Cabaret Mado. It’s an authentic Cabaret, with Mado still the host of the show to this day. It’s a small fee of around $6-8 if I remember correctly, and the show lasts about 2 hours, with cheap drinks. The show was amazing. Warning: The majority of the show was done in French, and not much English is spoken. But no worries- you won’t really need to know what is going on anyway! This is one of the best memories of my weekend, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Image result for cabaret mado

I would definitely go again, people were awesome, place was beautiful, and everything was well kept. If you’ve gone to Canada, what did you do on your trip? Comment below!


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