The Bahamas, a review.

I’ve searched for travel tips for the Bahamas, and there aren’t that many out there. Hopefully this helps.

Date and time: 

I went in the beginning of June. It wasn’t a bad time to go. This is hurricane season for Nassau, but the weather was perfect- with very few intermittent clouds that sometimes were needed because of the intensity of the sun. There was an even amount of people there, with of course, more people during the weekend time, and way less people by the time it became Tuesday. School is still in session for many American students, so if you are trying to avoid an intense amount of children, this may be the time for you. Although the airport in Nassau is small, we were able to move through Customs as swiftly as humanly possible.


My family and I stayed at the Cove. The Cove is part of the resorts affiliated with Atlantis– the wildly popular and highly marketed resort right in the heart of Paradise Island. The Cove, however, is unique in that it is a little more exclusive than all of the Atlantis resorts. When someone stays at the Atlantis, that guest is entitled to all of the amenities and services offered through out the entirety of the Atlantis resorts- except for those at the Cove. The Cove also seems to be the newest of all of the Atlantis installments, having some of the most up-to-date amenities, and architecture.


The Cove is the only resort that features an adult-only pool and beach, that is catered very nicely with pool-side service, towel set up, waiter service, full DJ, and cabanas. The cabanas you must rent out, but they come with flat screen TV’s, a personal pool assistant, a bed, and a place for you and your accompanied guest to access the beach from privately. If you’re looking for 5-star service and amenities, then the Cove is where you most likely want to be.

As for the hotel itself, you don’t get a room, but more like a suite. Each room, no matter where you are located, has views of the beach and/or pool, and your room is equipped with lavish amenities. My room had a tub, all-glass shower, private bathroom, surround sound speakers throughout the bathroom and suite, two flat-screen tv’s, in-room bar and fridge, and…drum roll… a Starbucks Keurig. The room was comfortable, but well beyond what I would typically need for a vacation.


Being that the Cove is exclusive, the crowd is a little different. The population of guests were overwhelmingly white, except for the few celebrities that were there to vacation. I was able to encounter Julio Jones- the NFL player for the Atlanta Falcons, and some other Pro-Soccer player that bought a random guest a $450 bottle of champagne because he heard it was her birthday. If this is the type of atmosphere you are looking for, than the Cove is the right place for you.

Food and Drink:

The Bahamian beer, “Kalik“, was the fan favorite for me during my stay. I’m still uncertain as to whether they export this beer to other countries, but if you do get to go, try it out. It’s a light beer, similar in complexion to Corona, although they make the beer with filtered lemon juice. It’s very refreshing, and extremely light. They have a few varieties, but I stuck with the original.

The Cove also made extremely good regular, on the rocks margaritas, but I was not a fan of it being made with both lemon and lime. The lemon threw it off for me, but was still very refreshing in the Caribbean sun.

I found the water to taste very Sulfur- like, which got better as the days went on. Most likely because I got used to it.  So if tap water isn’t an option for you, either beer or alcohol is better.

I suggest going to the Marina Village to check out some of the restaurants there, and when you find something, to make sure you have a reservation. Most guests are on the same time schedule as you.

If you want to get away from the robust amount of foot traffic, a great place to try out is the “One and Only”, a resort that also fashions a great bar and rustic restaurant with a modern feel. Overlooking the ocean, the restaurant was quaint, and the food and service were excellent.

Bottom line for Paradise Island, is that if you aren’t ready to throw most of your spending money on food, then don’t go. Food is particularly expensive no matter where you go on the island, but must not be mistaken for how good it really was.


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