Thoughts on Post-Grad Life

(2015) Archived.

  1. People come and go, and these past four years were sequential time frames of circumstances that were all meant to teach us something about one another, about ourselves. Just because they come, doesn’t mean they are meant to stay.
  2. Life isn’t about what happens in the in-between. Your job, in whatever capacity that may be, will be your life, and everything else are just fillers. Everything will change, because you become part of a bigger system than what you are normally accustomed to.
  3. Sometimes, you are just going to get, lonely. The people that once surrounded you, even at times you didn’t want company, will no longer be there anymore, and you are going to have to face the dark reality that you are a one-woman show. Navigating this lost territory can be lead into the path of both destruction, or in self-perseverance.
  4. When loneliness does come around, it’s going to be judgement day as to who will actually be there for you, and who is eventually going to show their true colors of who they are when you actually need them. Your eyes will open to those you never expected would actually stick around you in the darkest of times, as clichéd as that may sound.
  5. The real world will offer you real opportunities to love that weren’t always presented to you during your undergraduate careers despite the amount of people around you on weekends. If you go out with someone, it’s because it is for a point. If you date someone, it’s because for once, in your life, you possibly see a foreseeable future with that someone. So choose wisely- you no longer can be an expert at the game you once played.
  6. Failure is more widely announced in ways that were not always offered in undergrad. Failure doesn’t mean you sucked at a class, or didn’t pay any mind to an exam or paper. Failure can exist in all realms of your life now, and it is up to you to make sure that all aspects of your life aren’t affected by it. You must overcome failure in ways that aren’t as sheltered as they may have seemed in the past.
  7. Sometimes, you are going to question the person you even are- if you were really even meant to be the soul that has fit into your body. Wonder if you even deserve all that was given to you, deserve all that you had earned over the course if your life. But the worst, is that sometimes you might feel like you don’t even deserve to live the life you live- like you need to do better- like you aren’t as good enough as people let on.
  8. Money will become a word to you that will be inked on your nervous system for the rest of your life. You thought you had money problems before? Wait until you graduate.
  9. After all the people you have met, you will never really be able to tell who is going to succeed, and who is going to fail. The people I never thought were capable of getting to where they are now, are the people that seem the happiest in life despite their prior experiences. It’s important to never cut ties with people just because you think they will not be able to offer you anything in the future for personal gain.
  10. Family is really always going to remain your backbone. Yes, you were away from them for four years, but as time goes by, no matter how many friends you make, are really the only people that are going to be there through thick and thin. Hold on to those people, as best as you can. Every family has their fair share of problems. You’re no different.
  11. Don’t make job selection become a competition with your friends. I have tried from elementary school to always out-do my friends in whatever capacity. But post-graduation is not about what you can share to others at a cocktail party. It’s about self-growth, and finding opportunities that can eventually get you to where you want to be. You will earn your bragging rights in due time.
  12. Just because you were a big fish in a big pond doesn’t mean that will carry over into your post-graduate or graduate career. You must rebuild a foundation for yourself upon which you can start anew, and build yourself in ways that you were unable to within the past four years.
  13. Post graduate is going to make you feel weird in all circumstances. You’re going to feel old as hell when you are at a BBQ full of people just ripe of the age of 18. Especially because your time has passed. But you are also going to be stuck in between that and adapting to a new life of adulthood, where you seem too young to be doing anything else then still living an undergraduate life.
  14. Drinking won’t do things for you that it used to be able to do in undergrad. You will not also have the same stamina that you had as a freshman- partying until 3 a.m. just because that is the last bus home. Find yourself a good tv show, and learn to find entertainment in a more positive setting, without the thrill of alcohol, and all that comes with it.
  15. No matter what, you are going to miss college in ways that will be forever engrained in your memory. The nostalgia of it all will transcend you back to the past, whether everything you did was worth it. But some things are just better to be missed, and to not be lived over again. That’s the beauty of it all. Would we even appreciate it the same way if we had to live it all over?
  16. The concept of truly “Living” doesn’t end at undergrad, nor does it have to. Yes, you will have more responsibilities, and you will have to life a different lifestyle, but you still have so much time to live the way life is truly meant to be lived. So, just try your best to succeed. And always remember: Excuses are tools of the incompetent, those who exceed in them, seldom succeed in anything else.

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