NCAA in(cent)tives

For my Master’s seminar paper, I spoke on the incentivization of NCAA athletes, and how that may or may not relate to NCAA Athlete success and retention. This is what I spoke on, with my main findings.

The Bahamas, a review.

I’ve searched for travel tips for the Bahamas, and there aren’t that many out there. Hopefully this helps.

Show me the money.

Finances have been weighing on my mind extremely heavily since graduating with my Masters. There are so many things I want to save for, so many places I want to explore, so many things I want to give to my partner, but in wanting to do so with a part-time salary. But patience (don’t take…

Did it really happen if you didn’t put it on the gram?

Instagram has become the only means of social media that I use. It is something that has intrigued me, due to the social impact it has made for its users around the world. I’m pretty inquisitive, and analytical, so, I did some research on the fundamental impact it has on its users, and societal norms….

Thoughts on Post-Grad Life

(2015) Archived. People come and go, and these past four years were sequential time frames of circumstances that were all meant to teach us something about one another, about ourselves. Just because they come, doesn’t mean they are meant to stay. Life isn’t about what happens in the in-between. Your job, in whatever capacity that…